DIY gifts

An unshakable stereotype has developed in the minds of many that do-it-yourself gifts are made either by children or those who do not have the finances to acquire something truly worthwhile. But this is absolutely not the case. No matter how many “store-bought” gift options were invented, only those made with their own hands carry warmth, attention and care. After all, the giver invests his soul in them, devotes time and creates an exclusive, which hardly anyone else will have. To understand that DIY gifts are not the last century, we offer you an interesting selection of gifts that you can create on your own.

DIY birthday present

There are lots of options for birthday gifts that you can make yourself. And the choice of a particular one depends on the age of the birthday man, his preferences and tastes. A selection of different options that will be appropriate as presentations, and for the role of gifts, and for an extensive age category.
To begin with, gifts can be not only pleasant, but also useful! For lovers of everything practical, we suggest making such a wall key holder. Making it simple is simple, and the costs are at the very minimum, and it takes very little time for such creativity. But in the end it turns out a very useful thing. The frame itself can be decorated at your discretion, but it is best to choose a style and color scheme that will be in harmony with the room where this beauty will subsequently hang.
Continuing the theme of the framework, there is another option to use it as an interesting idea. Such a “board” can serve in many different ways. It can be either a photo holder or act as a stand for “reminders”. No matter how the birthday man decides to use it, in any case, the gift is not only original, but also very useful in everyday life, and making it simple and very quick.
Why are simple piggy banks uncomfortable? Because you never know how much money is there. But this can be fixed if you give a birthday boy just such a piggy bank. Firstly, such a piggy bank cheers up, being on the wall and showing its fullness with money, and secondly, the filler itself can use the marker to make calculations directly on the glass, recording the accumulated amount. By the way, the gift itself can be presented no longer empty, but with a financial filling.
Candles are an attribute of warmth and coziness, and also it is romantic. A beautiful candle is a universal gift that will be appropriate both as a basic one, for example, a set of candles, and as a present. Making such candles is quick and easy. For decoration, you can use both purchased lace and crocheted with your own hands. Simply apply glue to the glass with a brush and wrap it in lace. Once everything is dry, put a candle in a glass and you're done!
Another option for candlesticks. It will take more time to spend on it than on the previous one, but it looks gorgeous. It will be necessary to impose motifs of different diameters, but at the same time, care must be taken so that they can harmoniously fit together. After this, you need to inflate the ball, using PVA glue, attach the motives to the ball and hang the latter to allow the glue to dry. After complete drying, gently burst the ball, and place the candle inside.
An unusual gift from all sides. He will decorate any room with his presence, and it is unlikely that the recipient will guess about the materials from which all this beauty was created. But this is nothing like ordinary toilet paper bushings! Cheap and very beautiful. How to make such a picture can be seen in the step-by-step image. Again, nothing complicated, just a little patience.
This work of art is made according to the same scheme as described above, only a little in a different improvisation.
All the same useful toilet paper bushings can decorate a mirror, making it a bright spot on the wall.

DIY wedding gift

What is usually customary to wish the newlyweds on the day of marriage? Love, happiness and .... financial well-being. Words, words, but you can truly present a symbolic gift. They can act as an umbrella of financial security. Making it simple is simple, but it looks original.
Another option to hint to the newlyweds about the importance of the financial side of life is to present an initial family budget. The main thing is to think over the label, you can copy what is written on the image below, or you can connect imagination and come up with something of your own.
And a young family can take such a wonderful money vase to take it to new housing. It is both symbolic and very beautiful at the same time. It is not difficult to make such a present, but the result is amazing and such a gift looks very expensive.
Well, of course, how to do without a wedding album ?! Stores offer template and boring options, so the most skilled needlewomen can try themselves in scrapbooking. Yes, at first it can seem very difficult, especially for beginners. The language cannot be called a simple lesson, but if you try, you can do such a thing even for those who hear the word "scrapbooking" for the first time. On the Internet there are a lot of detailed video-MK, where the craftswomen show everything step by step, it remains only to repeat. But such work will definitely be appreciated by the newlyweds, especially the bride.


DIY gift for mom

Mom is the closest person. She will always understand, listen and support, she will be on your side even if you are wrong. Therefore, a gift for the most beloved man should be selected especially carefully and responsibly. There are a lot of options for such gifts, we offer only a certain part, which you can realize yourself.
It is very beautiful and original to issue cosmetic bottles. The design style can be very different, from the kanzashi technique to crocheting. And you can combine several types in one. Such a gift will decorate the dressing table and will constantly remind of the giver.
The homemade photo frame just looks amazing. To make such beauty you need to purchase the simplest frame-base. Such blanks are cheap and you can find them in any store for Hand Made, and pick decorative elements for them. It can be anything: stones, rhinestones, beads, beads, etc. Ornaments are fixed on the frame either with glue of the moment, or with hot glue.
By a completely similar principle, the following gift is made. Only instead of a framework, any shape that can be made of wood and other dense materials will fit the role of the workpiece.
For lovers of practical gifts, the option with a homemade mug is suitable. You can decorate it as your heart desires, just rely on your own taste and create beauty for your beloved and dear little man.
An original gift that will look very nice on a refrigerator or magnetic board. Homemade magnets are made very simple, and the whole process can be traced on step by step images. Choose the best family photos, scan them to your computer and print them in a smaller version. Next, cut them to the shape of the stones and stick the photo to the stones, and then the magnet.


DIY dad gift

Unlike moms, dads are never sentimental, well, or they know how to hide it very well. Therefore, for dads, the gift should be practical and necessary. As a rule, just such a criterion interferes with the flight of creativity and sharply limits the option of possible gifts. Nevertheless, it is possible to combine business with pleasure and make such a gift with your own hands.
A good option is a watch. A very necessary thing and you can do it in an original way, having decorated the frame with decorative elements. For example, coffee grains. These elements are fixed on the glue moment or hot glue.
Another option for a homemade and very necessary gift is a calendar. You will have to work hard to create such a presentation, but it's worth it. If time is running out, then you can facilitate the process of creating a wall calendar.
What can be more useful in everyday affairs than a diary or notebook? But how wonderful it is to create such a useful accessory with your own hands. The options for diaries that can be made Hand Made are many variations for beginners and professionals. And in order not to translate expensive material, you can pre-train on drafts. The whole process from and to you can see in the video MK, of which there are a lot on the Internet.


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